Website Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The National Indemnity group of insurance companies and its affiliated agencies (collectively "National Indemnity" or "we") recognize the privacy concerns of visitors to this website. The purpose of this website privacy policy is to inform website visitors about the information we collect through the website and the purposes for which this information might be used. All nonpublic personal information collected by National Indemnity, including any such information collected through this website, is subject to National Indemnity's Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here.


Why Does National Indemnity Request Personal Information from Me?


Through National Indemnity’s website, you may request various kinds of information. For example, on one page, you may request a quote for various types of insurance coverage. You may choose to submit a claim on another page. On yet another page, you may request information about employment at National Indemnity.


To assist us in fulfilling your request, we will ask you to submit certain limited personal information. We intend to use the information you provide only in the normal course of our business. In some cases, the information you submit may be shared with one of our agents, who may then contact you or your insurance agent to discuss the insurance services we offer.


We do not provide any information to unaffiliated third parties for other marketing purposes. We may share employment application information with our affiliates and in obtaining references. Information on claims submissions will be shared with our claims adjusters or attorneys and with other parties as necessary to handle your claim submission. Claim information may also be reported to government authorities or industry bureaus. We do not intend to use your personal information for any purpose other than what is described in our Privacy Policy and this Website Privacy Policy.


What Information Does National Indemnity Collect About Me?


We only request limited amounts and types of information from visitors to our website. The nature of information we request will depend on the purpose for your visit to our website and will be evident from the page you are viewing. We do not collect specifically-identifiable personal information when you visit the website unless you choose to provide such information. Certain personal information is required, however, if you wish us to process certain types of transactions or requests, such as a request for an insurance coverage quote, employment application, claim, or payment.


Does National Indemnity Use Cookies?


Certain portions of National Indemnity's Website employ cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your hard drive. They enable you to use the website more efficiently by storing certain contact information (such as your name, phone number, and the like) that you provide. If you revisit the website before the cookies expire, the stored information you have provided will be recalled. Thus, you will not have to re-enter your contact information if you choose to request another quote at a later date.


National Indemnity's Website uses persistent cookies with a 60-day lifetime. These cookies automatically expire after sixty days. You are free to decline cookies if your browser permits. You will still be able to use the website, but will have to re-enter your information if you visit the website in the future.


Is My Information Secure?


National Indemnity endeavors to handle your information in a secure manner and limits access to the information that you submit through its website. Our personnel adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity in performing their jobs and conducting the business of National Indemnity.


We do not intend to share any of the personal information gathered from our website with any third party, except as specifically stated in our Privacy Policy, this Website Privacy Policy or as required by law.